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About Us

Trio is a women’s clothing boutique where we bring you the latest in fun, affordable and on-trend styles. Order online, or if you are in the Washington DC metropolitan area, visit our store or book a private fashion appointment with us.

We call our business Trio Jr. to honor our mom’s grandfather who took his passion for food and opened The Trio, a popular restaurant in Washington, D.C., on behalf of his three children. Now, we’re the next generations and we’ve taken our passion and put it into our clothing boutique. We are proud to carry on the family’s values for customer service and strive to treat our customers like family. Welcome to the Trio family of Pam, Juliana, Demi, and Lulu, our beloved mascot.

Share In Our Passion for Fashion

We want to share our passion for fashion with you. Please visit our online Trio boutique where we showcase exciting fashions or visit with us in person.